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At BCB, Inc., we see beauty as an adventure, and that philosophy drives everything we do, from Discovery to Formulation to Design and ultimately to Market. Join us on a thrilling journey through the always lively, sometimes perilous process of creating our trend-forward original products.


From the steamy streets of Rio to the floodplain of China's Yellow river, there's nowhere we won't go to gather the exceptional ingredients and emerging trends that form the basis of BCB's products. It takes a special person to be a beauty explorer. Forgoing pedicures and facials when they need them most, our explorers risk life, limb and follicle damage to harvest such rarities as Arctic sea bass roe, the sap of the Australian tea tree and pulp from the coveted Afghan cedar. BCB's jet-setting trend team uncovers the future of beauty and seizes it with both hands. From Delhi to Detroit, Cairo to California, they shake down the natives to find the innovative concepts and combinations that will shape our products, and in turn the industry.


Bearing the extracts and insights of 7 continents, our intrepid explorers arrive at our maximum security formulation lab in Minneapolis, where secrecy and experimentation are the rule. Here, our world-class personal care chemists dedicate their lives to the cause of bringing revolutionary products to life, attempting the impossible and often succeeding. No rules govern this scientific beauty playground; if it smoothes, moisturizes, fortifies or rejuvenates, our dedicated team finds a way to use it.


Our ingenious product architects take it from there, giving newborn products a soul and discovering the right angle to connect beauty-seekers with our innovative merchandise. It's hard work, requiring trend sense, creative fire and a thorough knowledge of beauty history, not to mention the stamina to survive on coffee and aloe vera for days at a time. The toughness and sophistication of our methods can give new team members the shakes, but from this hotbed of invention, powerful brands emerge as if by magic. Whatever route we take, the results always hit their target head-on, creating product relationships so strong they can never be destroyed, no matter how much we wish they could. Like Lucky Kentucky Brill Sheen. When we tried to retire that product in 1989, furious customers took our VP of Marketing hostage and forced three other employees into hiding. But that's the kind of brand loyalty we've come to expect from our customers, and the benefits far outweigh the dangers.


But developing our exceptional brands isn't the end of the journey. There's an army platoon's worth of logistics that goes into taking our products from concept stage to the shelf. With our high-powered manufacturing plant and mammoth warehouse facility, we move enough goop to fill Lake Michigan, but we don't hold on to it for long. Our savvy promotion specialists see to that, creating advertising and special programs that make our products so irresistible, shoppers are known to fight over the last bottle. When shortages occur, we rise to the challenge, airlifting the most sought after products directly to stores when inventories become dangerously low. It's a fast-paced, unpredictable business, but we not only survive, we thrive, and that's what makes us, well, progressive.

Lucky Kentucky  |  Peppar  |  Gly Miracle & Lite Touch  |  Tablet Traveler  |  Battery Caddie  |  Udder-Wize